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WholesaleNepal offers a fine selection of Handmade Tibetan incense. Typically, this incense is made from a blend of different herbs, spices, plants and minerals. These ingredients, whose number can range anywhere from a handful to as many as 100, are mixed and ground together into a paste. They are then shaped into sticks and dried. Many of the centuries' old recipes for making incense - some dating back to the time of Lord Buddha some 2500 years ago - are kept secret. Since the annexation of Tibet, the craft of making incense established by the monks has been perpetuated by Tibetan monks and refugees who settled in Nepal.

Because of its quality, demand for Tibetan incense now made in Nepal remains strong as an aid to relaxation, meditation, to heal disorders of mind and body, to help reduce the effects of stress and of course to scent the air.

Literally hundreds of different kinds of incense are available in Nepal. WholesaleNepal has made a careful selection of these, and proposes to its international clientele a list of approximately 50 of the most popular brands and fragrances. We can also supply other types of incense, whose names are not on this list, upon request.


INT43, 44, 45








INT1 Red Sandalwood Zimpu ritual tibetan incense made with 25 ingredients including red & white sandalwood, saffron & nagi.
INT2 Tashi Dhargey in cellophane pack with burner

Traditional Masala method containing natural resins, flowers, spices, aromatic & medicinal herbs blend.

INT3 Natural AyurvedicMedicinal Incense Aromatherapeutic incense with herbs, Jattamansi oil & Gokul dhoop. Ideal for concentration of mind.
INT4 Ritual Tibetan incense, single pack Contains juniper herbs, natural resins, flowers, spices, aromatic & medicinal herb blend.
INT5 Green Pack Tibetan Pure Sandalwood Tibetan incense of special sandalwood & himalayan herbs. Ancient traditional orders of TIbet.
INT6 Natural Flora, Flat Pack In 24 fragnances: Cinnamon, Kumari, Sagarmatha, Rope, Opium, Jasmine, Natural, Yoga, Musk, Third Eye, Trimurti, Golden Nagchampa, Freedom, Fantasy, Patchouli, Buddha devotion, Ying Yang, OM, Coconut, Amber, Himalyan Herbal, Peace, Sandal wood, Lovely dream.
INT7 Yog Saddhana Contains Natural resins, flowers, spices & 26 herbs
INT8 Tara Aromatic Gift Pack Contains Juniper, herbs, plants, roots, sandalwoods
INT9 Relaxense Incense Contains 25 aromatic herbs & spices
INT10 Traditional Mandala Incense with silk cover Contains Herbs, including nagi, jatamansi, sandalwood
INT11 Incense Lady
(DU-POEY-MA) with waxed seal
Incense is the DAKINI who offers incense to the god. Fragrances of Agaru, Chandan, Dupuka other herbs according to Tibetan Tradition.
INT12 Tantric Ritual Tibetan Incense
Contains Medicinal herbs, juniper, Jatamansi, sandalwood   
INT13 Peace Eyes of Buddha Contains varieties of Aromatic herbs, barks, spices. Used to create a spritual environment. 1 wood incense holder.
INT14 Natural Aroma Therapeutic Incense Contains a variety of Resins, Aromas and fragrances. Therapeutic in nature. Available in 8 varieties:
Natural Aroma Therapeutic Incense I to VIII
INT15 Tashey Dhargey Tibetan Incense in Carved Wood Tube Contains precious aromatic medicinal herbs. Beautifully presented in a wood carved tube with burner.
INT16 Natural Arogya Dhoop Meditation blend of herbs, cardaman.
Available in 5 varieties: Karmayogi, Mahadhup, Bodisatwo, Vaidhyaraj, Meditative
INT17 Himalayan Herbs Gift Pack (4 packs) Uses natural Aromatheapeutic incense. 4 Aromas: sweet woody & spicy, fresh bitter sweet, floral - rosy & spicy.
INT18 Siddartha Incense Gift Pack 4 varieties: Ritual Tibetan, Everest, Sandalwood, Relaxense.
Different varieties of Tibetan Insence of different Aromatic flavours & herbs
INT19 New Red Crystal Long box 25 Medicinal herbs using a traditional tibetan formula from Himalayan mountain range.
INT20 Sal Dhoop 100% natural Nepali ROPE INCENSE Natural Rope incense
INT21 Healing Buddha Praying Incense Statue Spiritual incense ideal for altar with herbs which keep the mind alert.
INT22 Traditional Mandala Contains precious aromatic herb including Nagi, Sandalwood, clove, kapur, and Jattamansi in bamboo box.
INT23 Tibetan refugee A monastry blend with exclusive masala fragrances based on Vedic formula of Herbal Texts
INT24 Nirvana Fragrance of Kapur, Nagi, Jattamansi & other herbs in bamboo box.
INT25 World peace Contains Himalayan herbs, Sandalwood, Astasuganda, Saffron, Ambergriss and other medicinal ingredients
INT26 Druk healing Contains up to 100 herbal medicinal ingredients from Bhutan
INT27 Ma Laxmi Dhoop Traditional Nepali Dhoop ideal for meditation & offerings
INT28 Dankini Dhoop Stick Traditional Nepali Dhoop using traditional masala.
INT29 Om Nama Shiva Dhoop Traditional Nepali Dhoop
INT30 Jay Bhimsen Dhoop Traditional Nepali Dhoop using masala method with natural essential oils, spices, aromatic herbs & resins etc
INT31 Shree Ganesh Dhoop Using masala method with natural esssenstial oils, flowers, spices, herbs, natural resins & other aromatics.
INT32 Dalai Lama blessing Incense A traditional Offering Incense made by the Buddhist Herbal Research Centre at Potala TIbet. Bamboo Tube.
INT33 Om Mane Peme Hum Traditional Tibetan Incense for Asthama from Potala Tibet in bamboo tube presentation
INT34 Tibetan Meditation incense A special meditional inhaling incense from Potala Tibet. In bambo tube.
INT35 Natural Cones incense

Cones made from blends of exotic flowers, selected herbs & spices. Gentle aroma, creating a spiritual mood. There are 8 fragrances: Sandal, Patchouli, Jasmine, Opium, Amber, Musk, Meditation, Nagchampa

INT36 Traditional Torma incense For decoration and religious offerings. Contains about 100 medicinal herbal ingredients with Lama's special blessing .
INT37 Pure Nepali Dhoop 30 fragrances: Rose, Geranium, Patchouli, Rosemary, Holy Basil, Himalayan Cedar, Amber, Cinnamon, Pian, Eucalyptus, Junniper, Heena, Jasmine, Lemon, Vetiver, Tube Rose, Sandal Wood, Lotus, Vannila, Orange, Frank, Ylang Ylang, Nagchampa, Musk, Himalayan Herbal, Opium, Lavender, Mirth, Citronella, Himalayan Flower
INT38 Smokeless Heritage incense Traditional masala method using natural resins, flowers, spices, aromatic and medicinal herbs. 32 rare herbs including Gokul Dhoop, juniper, etc.
INT39 Nepali String incense Many ingredients which traditionally include saffron, nagi, red & white sandalwood etc.
INT40 Yellow Jambala Made from 32 ingredients including sandalwood 25%, juniper 25%, other medicinal herbs 30%, spices 20%.
INT41 Tibetan Monastery Prescribed by Tibetan medicine. Ideal for prayer offerings and purification. Contain scented medicinal herbs & 38 different ingredients
INT42 Himalayan Herbal Traditoinal herbal incense for puja offerings. Contains aromatic herbs found in Tibet & Nepal. Herbal Medication.
INT43 Ribo Sangtsheo (Tara devotion) Used for Buddha devotion. Contains 25 precious medicine plants to combat physical pain, stimulate digestion etc.
INT44 Earth Incense (healing blend) Uses a formala laid down by ancient tibetan doctors and medicinal texts. Contains 32 rare herbal ingredients.
INT45 Tibetan peace Used for buddha devotion. Contains 25 precious medicinal plants notably to create mental stability & clarity of mind.
INT46 Himalayan herbs incense powders 10 Fragrances: Sandalwood, Red Sandalwood, Natural herbal, Tibetan Meditation, Gokul, Natural Ayurvedic, Tibetan healing, Jattamasi, Sal dhoop, Juniper
INT47 Blue Sky Incense Lemon & Herbs Mixed. Prepared Traditionally.

AS1 Kalachakra Incense
Medicinal herbs & other substances
AS2 Potala Indian herbs
AS3 Shambala
Medicinal herbs & other substances
AS4 Kailash
Mixture of herbs
AS5 Mila  
AS6 Green Tara Gift Pack
5 boxes including Paljor, Green Tara, Mila, Kailash & Kala Chakra
13 Sticks in each box.
AS7 Paljor Healing Gift Pack
Medicinal herbs
5 Packs all identical; 13 sticks in each pack .
AS9 Tara
Various herbs
Mixed herbs
AS11 Lotus
Various herbs
AS12 Manjushree
Various herbs
AS13 Nagarguna
Various herbs

To obtain our pricelists, clients must fill out our REQUEST FOR INFORMATION FORM. You can then place a checkmark next to each item you have an interest in. We have whole pages of information with photos & other details for Tibetan & Nepali Incense, Indian Incense and other items indicated on this page.



The two items shown are examples in a much wider selection we offer. Request our full page of Holders and Burners
when you fill out our Request for information form.

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Tibetan Copper Incense Powder Burner with Powder Packs, Incense sticks and instructions on how to use. Tibetan Buddhist Incense gift box which includes 108 bead wood mala, buddha made of herbs, 4 incense packets and one wooden incense holder.

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